Housing advocates praise Victorian budget

Housing advocates praise Victorian budget

Housing advocates praise Victorian budget

Housing advocates have applauded the significant allocations that the Victorian Government has made to support people struggling to keep a roof over their head.

The latest Victorian State Budget will provide 12,000 new homes within 4 years. Furthermore, it will fund Victorians experiencing hardships in paying their rents.

The state’s $5.3 billion social housing commitment would directly solve the current social housing shortage, while also providing thousands of jobs in the construction sector.

According to Ms Kate Colvin, acting chief executive of the Council to Homeless Persons, the federal government should follow the steps of the Andrews Government in doing the “heavy lifting” to minimise homlessness in the state.

Moreover, she expressed her disapproval of the federal government’s decision to cut income support payments by $100 after December and refusal to rule out cutting the coronavirus supplement completely beyond March. It could only mean that thousands of Victorials lose the help they need to keep their residences.

For Cohealth chief executive Nicole Bartholomeusz, she considers the government’s support to social housing a “budget with heart”.

“The historic investment in social and affordable housing along with investments in education for students with disabilities, energy efficiency, mental health and job creation will make a significant difference to the lives of Victorians.”

The extra funding of $80 million would help renters once the eviction moratorium and JobKeeper and Jobseeker support expires in March.

Those still struggling to make ends meet at this time will be eligible for the financial support. Another $6m will support Consumer Affairs Victoria via the residential tenancies dispute resolution system and the residential tenancy relief scheme.

Tenants Victoria chief executive Jennifer Beveridge said the support would help protect 57,000 tenants and landlords who had so far registered for a rent reduction during coronavirus.

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